Dhimmi Broad: Sexapalooza OK – Mark Steyn BAD

Who’s telling the truth about Mark Steyn cancellation at London Convention Centre?

“How can a room full of people listening to a guy making a speech be any more disturbing than, say, an Amway rally or ‘Sexapalooza – The FUN show for Adults‘ which the LCC hosted in February 2009?”

Insecurity about ‘Security’ Code for Dhimmitude

“How do you curtail the free speech of those who don’t genuflect before the great, ghastly false god of multiculturalism?

Centre refuses to host Steyn lecture on free speech

“London Convention Centre general manager Lori Da Silva said denying next month’s Mark Steyn speech was a “business decision” in part due to concerns for security, and fairness for the centre’s other clients who might not enjoy a “rowdy” crowd at the same time. Asked if the content of Mr. Steyn’s work had anything to do with the Convention Centre’s decision, general manager replied, “No, we’re looking at the security risk.”