George Smitherman Said What?

More information for the Jewish community on Mr. Smitherman

To all concerned,

A Jewish blogger by the name Josh Somer posted some information on his blog radiofreecanada about some of the anti Israel supporters of Mr. Smitherman. This blogger was attacked on a ‘progressive’ blog. The ‘progressive’ blog wrote a letter against blogger Josh Somer. The letter was co signed by Hershell Ezrin, Chief Executive Officer of CIJA (Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy), the advocacy arm of UIA Federations Canada, Jewish Federations and Regional Communities across Canada. Why?

Consider the supporters of Mr. Smitherman: The anti Israel Toronto Star, The Canadian Arab Federation, The Canadian Islamic Congress, Judy Rebick……….

Please read the following information from the blogger Josh Somer. And spread this message.

Thank you,

Meir Weinstein National Director Jewish Defence League of Canada

The many faces of George Smitherman:

“When Smitherman did an interview with a Jewish reporter from a conservative, mainstream newspaper he was willing to criticize the group. Then, during an interview with a gay publication and an interviewer who clearly supports the group, Smitherman praises its leaders and speaks of his respect for them.

You’d almost think he was one of those politicians trying to play both sides of an issue and changing his position around to suit different audiences.”