‘Pretty much everything the Jews have been told about the punishing of Nazis is a joke, a fraud’

“A lot of the history you thought you knew didn’t happen that way. I always said that a third of the 20th century was censored. I played by the rules. I kept my silence for 30 years, but now time has run out,” said Loftus. “This information was censored out of all my previous books, and now, it will finally be printed.”

Loftus, who is leading the exposé to bring these missing pieces of history to light, was in Montreal recently to speak to a packed house at the Jewish Public Library. Much like his book, he focussed on three major World War II era scandals that have flown under the radar for decades.

According to the declassified documents in America’s Nazi Secret, the US Department of Justice played a key role in assisting prominent American families to fund Adolf Hitler, while post-war, the attorney general sanctioned the bribery of Jewish communities to turn a blind eye to the prosecution of Nazi War Criminals.

A third scandal implicates the Department of Justice in helping to cover up the Muslim Brotherhood, which began as an Arab-Nazi network in the mid-20th century and eventually grew into the modern-day Al-Qaeda.”

I don’t know anything about the author John Loftus at this point. Readers?

H/T Frumpy