“North York” Poll Results For Toronto Mayoralty Race Gives Ford Solid Lead

A phone poll conducted Oct 17th and 18th in city wards 9 and 10 (“North York”) shows Rob Ford with a sizable lead. The poll was conducted by a candidate for electoral office not running in the mayoralty race.

Total responses: 598

Ford: 264 of which – 224 will vote on eday – 44.1% of total votes, 84.8% commitment to vote on eday

Smitherman: 156 of which – 132 will vote on eday : 26.1% of total votes, 84.6% commitment to vote on eday

Pantalone: 48 of which – 36 will vote on eday – 8% of total votes, 75% commitment to vote on eday

Undecided: 130 of which – 72 will vote on eday – 21.7%, 55.4% commitment to vote on eday.

Total responses: 598

A message to the Jewish Community

Hello to all concerned,

I have studied the materials emailed to me with respect to allegations of an endorsement of Mr. Smitherman from an anti Israel group. The blog jmortonmusings defends Mr. Smitherman. The blog jmortonmusings attacks claims made by blogger Radio Free Canada. The blog jmortonmusings provides links to ‘progressive’ groups. One such ‘progressive group is the ARA. This group strongly associates with anti Israel groups. In fact, the ADL list the ARA as an anti Israel group.

It is my position as National Director of the Jewish Defence League of Canada that the blogger has provided accurate information about the race for mayor of Toronto. It should be a major concern to all members of the Jewish Community to review all blogs and ‘progressive’ groups that support Mr. Smitherman with respect to anti Israel platforms.

Many so called ‘progressive’ groups are anti Israel. Please forward this message.

Thank you,

Meir Weinstein Natioinal Director Jewish Defence League of Canada

Anti-Semitic Canadian Arab Federation Working With “progressive” Onetoronto campaign

This e-mail was distributed by the Canadian Arab Federation on behalf of the onetoronto campaign.