Toronto Sun Endorses Ford For Mayor…Ford leads in latest poll…Update on Stephen Marche Ford Fat Attack

Upperdate: Globe offers feeble response to Rob Ford Attack article

“The piece was taken off the site either late Friday or early Saturday by senior editors,” Sylvia Stead, the paper’s associate editor, explained by email on Sunday night. “However we are running a number of letters to the editor complaining about the piece tomorrow and you will see the strong reaction. While we believe strongly in freedom of speech for our writers and our readers both we also felt the piece was offensive in its language. It’s also not what the election should be about.”

No Shit Sherlock?

Update: Ford Leads in latest poll…of those people who are “very likely” to vote, Ford leads with 43.9 per cent. Smitherman is right behind with 40.5 per cent of the vote while support for Joe Pantalone has remained mainly steady at 15 per cent.

About 18.5 per cent of “very likely” voters say they are undecided.

The findings have a margin of error of 3.1 per cent.

Toronto Sun Endorses Ford For Mayor

“The current political regime in charge of City Hall needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into a new era where taxpayers come first.

In this election, there is only one candidate running for mayor who is both promising that kind of profound change and who has a credible record indicating he’ll deliver it.

That’s Rob Ford.

In other election news The Globe and Mail made an ass of itself, writing then pulling a despicable attack piece written by an effiminate metrosexual named  Stephen Marche, just the sort who would vote for Slitherman. Read about it here, here and here.
How “journalism” and “bien pensant” groupthink works in Canada:

“Did you know that Stephen Marche, who wrote that ‘Rob Ford is a fatty fatty fat fat’ piece, is Robert Fulford’s son-in-law?

“Married to Sarah, editor of Toronto Life

Update: At this stage I am sorely tempted to publish an e-mail I received from the Canadian Arab Federation on behalf of an anti-Ford advocacy group, a group which is as bizarre a coalition of craven  “bien pensant” groupthink as one can imagine. However I made a promise not to publish to someone who has earned my respect and I am waiting for a specific organization to have its name removed from the group’s site. I am assured the group’s name will be removed, sparing a huge potential embarassment to the gravy train loving members of one of Toronto’s official communities.  I am appalled that this organization would ally itself against Ford with some of the “characters” involved. I’m certain many members of the community would be equally incensed.

The Globe & Mail’s Hit Piece By Stephen Marche – idiot.
Ford Fat G&M Article