Wahida “The Hutt” Valiante VS. Imam Delic In Mosque Cage Match!


The “rift”, if indeed it is genuine, between Zijad Delic and the board of the Canadian Islamic Congress as represented by CIC President Wahida Valiante proves that Mackay was correct to exclude the CIC from the DND event.  At this stage many questions remain unanswered regarding Delic’s self portrait as a “moderate“.  

As Scaramouche notes the CIC remains 99 44/100th % Pure Elmo. 


“Defence Minister Peter MacKay’s banning of a leading imam from the military’s Islamic History Month event has exposed an executive-level rift in the Canadian Islamic Congress between forces of progress and orthodoxy.

In a letter to Friday’s National Post, CIC president Wahida Valiante openly disavows her reform-minded executive director, Zijad Delic, and rejects his criticisms about the Muslim group’s many public controversies, especially the failed hate speech cases against Maclean’s magazine.

Ms. Valiante writes that Mr. Delic’s plan to “purify” and “Canadianize” the CIC, and his desire to avoid lawsuits in favour of dialogue, “in no way reflect the views of CIC board.”

It’s A Battle Royale! Or Is It?