Kiss of Death: George Smitherman Endorsed By Crazed Jew Baiters Ali Mallah & Mohammed Elmasry’s Canadian Charger 911 Troofer Rag

Goodbye George: The Canadian Charger endorses Smitherman for  mayor

Read about the Charger here.

In the same article Batshit Crazy Ali Mallah-Tete also endorses George! Read about Ali here.

A favourite Elmasry quote.


Mohammed “Lyin’ Lips” Elmasry tells another whopper in his latest column.

“Muslims in Canada have replaced blacks as the number-one racially profiled group, and have replaced Jews at the number-one target for hate crimes.”

The real truth is, “Of all race-based attacks, blacks were targeted four out of 10 times; Jews were the subject of 165 attacks, or about two-thirds of all religious hate crimes.” H/T Sanwin

H/T the DR.