Who runs the TDSB? Predatory Union Thugs Fund TDSB School Board “Trusties” Election Campaigns!

Why the hell isn’t the MSM on this? Ever wonder who’s really running your schoolboard into the ground? Wonder no more, it’s likely your Toronto District School Board “Trusty” is “Union Thug Endorsed”. Endorsed by public service predators like CUPE, and their front – the Campaign for Public Education. “Union Trusties” have had their campaigns funded in amounts that have exceeded 80% of total expenditure!
Sources state – “the Campaign for Public Education makes their chosen candidates sign a Memorandum of Understanding pledging to protect union jobs against cuts or outsourcing. “


Candidate releases “sunshine list”, calls for ban on union donations to prevent potential conflict of interest.

TORONTO, SEP 13 Toronto taxpayers and public-school parents may be surprised to learn that a majority of incumbent Toronto District School Board (TDSB) trustees relied on union contributions to finance up to two-thirds of their election campaigns.

The findings were gleaned from an analysis of candidates’ financial reports from the 2006 election (City of Toronto website). According to Neil Flagg, candidate for trustee in WARD 5 (York Centre), 15 out of 22 elected trustees (68%) received union donations during the 2006 election, and of the 15 incumbents, 12 are seeking re-election in 2010. If re-elected, these incumbents would constitute a majority (55%) at the Board.

“The potential for conflict of interest in allowing unions to fund campaigns is obvious, and was recognized as such by the City of Toronto when council voted to ban union donations. Accountability at the TDSB begins when we know that trustees truly have the best interests of their constituents, and the taxpayers, at heart.” said Neil Flagg. “The prevailing mood among Toronto voters is that the status quo at City Hall is no longer acceptable; I intend to bring that spirit of accountability and respect for taxpayers to the boardroom at the TDSB.”

Mr. Flagg will not be accepting union donations, and challenges all other candidates for Trustee to put taxpayers and parents’ interests first.
For biographical information about the candidate, please visit http://www.flaggcampaign.com/

Holy Crap! These “Union Trusties” have had their campaigns funded in amounts that have exceeded 80% of total expenditure if the donations from the CUPE linked Campaign for Public Education are included! No wonder our schoolboards are broke! Their being run by our predatory public service unions!

This spreadsheet shows the campaign donations made by unions and the CUPE Front Campaign for Public Education to fund their slate of ” Union Thug endorsed candidates” in 2006, many of the “Union Trusties” are seeking re-election.


Doretta Wilson of the Society for Quality Education writes;

Same thing goes on with the Toronto Catholic Board. The only two trustees endorsed by Campaign for Public Education were the recipients of the most union donations in the last election. While our organization cannot endorse candidates, we encourage our supporters to ask some tough questions of their trustee candidates.

We have blogged about the negative influence of the teacher’ unions a great deal. For example: here, and here. See also – Are teachers’ unions bad for kids? & Its Not About the kids

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Well Thankfully Moira MacDonald of the Sun has taken note of this issue.

“Have they been endorsed by the left-wing Campaign for Public Education, a union-backed group that opposes education cuts that hurt workers’ jobs? That’s a warning flag for a candidate who may have more allegiance to union interests than to constituents or students — as much as they may argue those interests are the same.

Ask them why they’ve accepted the endorsement — you can see the CPE candidate list at www.campaignforpubliceducation.ca ­— and how they plan to vote on issues such as closing under-enrolled schools and cuts in response to declining enrolment.

Those are good questions for any candidate.”