Oh Canada…the world’s doormat land…we laugh at you ….

Ottawa Terror Doctor Khurram Sher Released On Bail

Canada declared an Islamic Nation by Burnaby proclamation celebrating Islamic History Month…

“Whereas Islamic History Month Canada will enhance Canada’s ties with other Muslim countries,”

More WTF? is going on in our country news….

“A Leading Pakistani news channel “Dunya TV” also has aired a discussion on this matter and claimed that 95 people are still missing from last year’s Trade show. Pakistani Consul General has acknowledged that there are at least 3 confirmed such cases; other reports are claiming that more than 30 people are still on the run in Canada.

It is surprising that despite the doubts surrounding the matters of Trade show, Pakistani Consulate is fully extending its support to the same event management company as well a Member of Provincial Parliament in Ontario is praising the promoters in media.”

Even though one may not know the intentions of the people who enter Canada on the pretext of a trade mission and then clandestinely disappear of apply for asylums, if such people come from terror ridden countries, then the probability of terrorists taking advantage of these affairs is quite high.”