Yartzeit for Rabbi Meir Kahane 20th Yartzeit Commemoration

Yartzeit for Rabbi Meir Kahane 20th Yartzeit Commemoration

Two Events:

Sunday, November 7th 2010, 12:30 pm (doors open 12:00), Ocean Avenue Jewish Centre, 2600 Ocean Avenue (between Avenue U and V) Brooklyn, NY 11229

3:30 pm, Ground Zero, (Park Place and W. Broadway subway: 2,3,A,C and other lines), Manhattan NY (Transportation will be provided from first event – suggested donation $25)

It has been 20 years since Rabbi Meir Kahane was murdered. He was the first Al Quida terror victim. And his vision is more important today than ever. Political Islam must be stopped.

The forces of Political Islam built a Mosque on the holiest site of the Jewish People-The Temple Mount. And today, the forces of Political Islam are determined to build a Mosque at Ground Zero. Come, remember and understand the clear message of Rabbi Meir Kahane. It has also been 10 years since his son Benjamin Zeev Kahane and his wife Talya were murdered by Arab terrorists.

Rabbi Kahane’s warnings, ignored by Israel’s leadership are coming true today. What was his message? Come and learn. You may come to either of these events or both.

Please let us know if you will join us on the bus to help us plan.

Bnai Elim, http://www.bnaielim.org/, 510 Brighton Beach Avenue #249 Brooklyn NY 11235
Gennadiy 718 – 395 – 7405, gennadiy1981@yahoo.com
or …
Jewish Defence League Canada, www.jdl-canada.com Toronto Canada