Imam Zijad Delic Has Many A Sudden Change Of Heart…Or Does He?

Let’s have a look at the Canadian Islamic Congresses latest effort at Damage Control in the wake of Peter Mackay’s justified removal of Imam Zijad Delic as a speaker at a DND Function honouring, of all things absurd,  “Islamic History Month”. The article, which you may read in full here is from today’s National Post. More here from Scaramouche “Breans Delic-Cation“.

Saturday Interview: The CIC’s Canadian imam

“The Canadian Islamic Congress has some credibility problems as the purported voice of Canadian Muslims. As its reform-minded executive director Zijad Delic describes it, Canada’s largest Muslim advocacy group was until recently “a mess” that needed to be “purified from within” and “totally Canadianized.”

“We cannot change an organization in two years. It takes a lot of time to remove some of the stuff,” he said, referring to 9/11 conspiracy theorists on the board of the CIC’s biggest project, Islamic History Month Canada (IHMC).

Really Imam Delic? Then what do you propose to do about 911 Conspiracy Theorist Wahida Valiante who happens to be both Canadian Islamic Congress President  and Islamic History Month Board Member?  “By associating the words “Islamic terrorism” with the unknown attackers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon…. Wahida Valiante

There is also, for example, the CIC’s student essay contest on the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestine, and its honouring of Zafar Bangash, the firebrand journalist who hosted a conference of Iranian propaganda and told police he could not guarantee the safety of any protester who got too close.

This must be a very recent change of heart regarding Zafar Bangash, Imam Delic was quite happy to have him as a speaker and share the stage with him at a Canadian Islamic Congress fundraising event this past June. Oh, and isn’t this sweet,  they held the event at Zafar’s Islamic Society of York Region digs.

There were its demands that Hamas be delisted as a terrorist group, and its support for the United Nation’s “defamation of religion” resolutions, a project of Muslim states to combat criticism of religion in general and Islam in particular, widely seen as an affront to free speech.

Mr. Delic added to this list in an interview with his proposal that the Anti-Terrorism Act be repealed because the criminal code is sufficient, and the expanded government powers marginalize Muslims.

“It’s even more. I’m a Canadian citizen. I’m an insider,” Mr. Delic said. “I’m a person who is offering a hand to my government to work with them to help them deradicalize Muslim youth if they are radicalized, to help them open the doors for Canadian Muslims to enter the system and work from within with Canadians.’’

Oh really Imam Delic then why were you unable to categorically denounce Hamas and Hizbollah on the John Oakley Show of Oct 4th. The first time you were asked about Hamas you had to qualify your response with “…Time is gonna prove what is right or wrong…” I recommend you listen to this clip in it’s entirety the Taqiyya starts flowin fast and furious towards the end on this matter as a caller takes Delic to task. Look for the Oct 4th show entitled Should the Past Affect the Future? (Oct 4)

He said he has heard from young Muslims that, if this can happen to him, it can happen to anyone. He said “extreme elements in the community” have been applauding this episode as proof that integration is impossible, now that its champion is “punched down on the floor. So they are laughing at this, and we are giving them an excellent platform to spread their potential ideology. And that is why I am cautioning our government not to make these silly mistakes,” Mr. Delic said.

Wonderful now he’s issuing veiled threats, how about you stop hanging out with the Muslim Brother Hood. You know folks like ” ISNA”, “CAIR-CAN”, the “Muslim Association of Canada” you know the guys who worship at the altar of Hassan Al Banna, Muslim Brotherhood founder, that guy who wrote this masterpiece “All Muslims Must Make Jihad”

“Peter MacKay cannot damage my image, because I know myself. And I’m not trying to be diplomatic,” he said.

Well Imam Delic you do a fine job of damaging your image all by your lonesome, such as signing on to the effort to have Bat Yeor banned from Canada and Charged with Hate Speech.

Tarek Fatah, founder of the rival Muslim Canadian Congress, called Mr. Delic a “whitewash,” a smooth-talking replacement for the “buffoon” Prof. Elmasry, whose bumptious self-confidence was an constant source of controversy.

Mr. Delic has distanced himself from some of Prof. Elmasry’s positions. For example, he says there is no systemic Islamophobia in Canada, and he would have taken a “different approach” to Maclean’s, because legal action “only blocks ways of normal communication. When we go in front of human rights commissions or court, we actually are just damaging relationships more.”

Wow another sudden change of heart by Imam Delic! this is what he had to say on the CIC Macleans complaint on Oct 4th on the John Oakley show! Look for the Oct 4th show entitled Should the Past Affect the Future? (Oct 4)

“…many organizations,many individuals have taken those whom they have felt who have gone against their rights to human rights commission I don’t think CIC should be charged because and they should be taken as exception… we felt the best venue was the human rights commission…”

On the issue of the CIC HRC compalint against Macleans he implies that the articles were “Hate Speech” “…look media or anybody else has to know there there limits to that freedom…” of speech “… you cannot incite any hatred, you cannot incite any animosity among canadians when that crosses the line…”

I’ll add more as I have time, readers are welcome to add their efforts to the fisking;)