Why MacKay was right to uninvite Imam Zijab Delic of the Canadian Islamist Congress

Robert Sibley Ottawa Citizen – Why MacKay was right to uninvite the imam

Why, if Delic is such a moderate, would he attach himself to an organization with such an extremist cast? No doubt, he was brought on board to improve the CIC’s public profile. That is certainly his claim…

That may be Delic’s intention, but in April 2007 he attached his name to a CIC statement condemning the Harper government “for not saying ‘no’ to Islamophobia” by not supporting a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution calling for “a global prohibition on the public defamation of religion.” “We are seeing more and more examples of how the Conservative government is working against our traditional Canadian values of respecting other religions,” the CIC claimed.

In true taqiyya style (if that’s not a contradiction in terms), the statement was pure dissimulation. What wasn’t mentioned was that Islam was the religion nobody would be allowed to “defame.” The Harper’s government’s refusal to violate the fundamental Western principles of free speech was construed by the CIC (and presumably by Delic) as evidence of Islamophobia….

If it walks like a duck… Delic claims to be a moderate yet he and the CIC maintain close ties with radical Islamists such as Zafar Bangash and radical Islamist organizatons such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Canadian Arab Federation. To paraphrase Tarek Fatah, Delic’s claims ring false and are simply “Old Whine in a new bottle”.

Magically Delic- cious Binks has a great Imam Zijab Delic Round Up

“Moderate” is an interesting idea.

There is a history there and one we would do well not to forget.

Is the Imam the “Enemy”; perhaps. We will not know until we see him stop the silly inability to say Hamas and Hezbollah are contra Islam. Until then he has to be presumed guilty.”