Random Furballs for a Wednesday Afternoon….

Binksian Benedictions!

Strictly Right presents Mark Steyn at UWO November 1st!

Islamic History Month is Buck Naked Dawa!

B’nai Brith Says Canadian Islamic Congress May Have Issued Threat!

George Galloway – Splenetic Guile!

Dennis Prager interviews Ezra Levant!

Afghan Women Doomed If NATO Leaves!

Fox News North denies hate propaganda!

I see ridicule in your future!

2/3 of Canadians think their neighbors are idiots!

Human Rights Runaround!

Please DONATE to the Kaffir Kanuck Coffee Club “Buy a Soldier a Coffee” Campaign!

This day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke, and of blasphemy!

Thanks to the DR. for the Cat pic;)