Peter Mackay and the cancelling of Imam Delic

“Elmasry is not alone among Delic’s friends in causing the Imam difficulty. Late Sunday it was confirmed to me that the government was more worried about Delic’s associations than what he himself has said.

Among the other sponsors of Islamic History Month is the Muslim Association of Canada. On its website MAC states plainly that it follows Islam in the style of the Muslim Brotherhood, “MAC regards this ideology as the best representation of Islam as delivered by Prophet Muhammad .” The Muslim Brotherhood is banned in Egypt and was involved in a major terrorism financing trial in the United States, it is also a controversial group among Muslims.

There have been claims put forward by the aforementioned bloggers, with links to back up some of their claims, that among the friends of Delic in organizing Islamic History Month are some 9-11 Truthers who are convinced that President Bush and those Israelis were really behind the 9-11 attacks.”