More on the Immoderate CIC and Imam Delic….

Wahida Valiante, President of the CIC, in her own words

Imam Delic’s Salute to Freedom

And Now, for the Infamous Cancelled Speech Story

Should Canada’s military pay for a full-time Muslim advisory panel?

Video’s worh watching… 1st Up a taste of the State of Affairs in Denmark from Sunday’s Mohammed Cartoonist Lars Vilks event – Lars Hedegaard in Toronto – part 1

And now Sweden….this is cute, Police and Social Workers are now doing “home visits” in an effort to mitigate Muslim Riots. H/T Vardit

“A short Swedish news bit about the weeks of continuous riots in Muslim areas of Sweden, specifically Gothenburg. The total lack of concern shown to the victims, the people who’s property is destroyed every night, should be of great concern to the indigenous people of Sweden.”