George Smitherman endorsed by anti-semitic hate group for stance on “racial justice”

George Smitherman has won endorsement for his stance on “racial justice” from the anti-semitic Canadian Arab Federation which has an active role in a group of NGO’s operating as the “Colour of Poverty Campaign”.

“The group, the Colour of Poverty Campaign-Colour of Change Network (COP/C), gave Joe Pantalone a B and Rocco Rossi a C+. It is composed of 13 community organizations, including the Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, the African Canadian Legal Clinic, the Canadian Arab Federation, the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, and the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants.”

Smitherman has also been endorsed by Mohamed Elmasry’s “Canadian Charger Magazine“. Mr. Elmasry gained fame for proclaiming that all Israeli Jews over the age of 18 were legitimate targets for murder.

In the same endorsement article Ali Mallah a Vice President of the anti-semitic Canadian Arab Federation has endorsed voting for George Smitherman to prevent Rob Ford from being elected mayor:

“Now in an effort to stop the Rob Ford juggernaut, Mr. Mihev is endorsing Mr. Smitherman.

Mr. Mallah trumpeted this strategy because he said, “Rob Ford in no way deserves to be Mayor of Toronto. He has extremist views; he’s anti-immigrants; he lacks the courtesy to be leader and he’s not a consensus builder.”

And in a case of Like likes Like, an NGO that was found to have mismanaged Tax Payer funds endorses Smitherman who also enjoys mismanaging Tax Payer funds.

A second NGO associated with the Colour of Poverty campaign, the African Canadian Legal Aid Clinic, which is funded by taxpayers, is currently embroiled in a human rights complaint it filed against Legal Aid Ontario after an audit conducted by LAO found significant mismanagement of funds.