Canadian Islamic Congress reacts to “Smear” by Mackay of “Moderate CIC”

Moderate my ass.  The CIC has a long history of radical islamist activism and anti-semitism, it is not a fit organization to be addressing DND staff.

“When a prominent government official smears the credibility of a moderate and proactive organization like CIC and denies its leadership the opportunity to speak in an appropriate public context, how can anyone expect Canadian Muslims to feel they are contributing members of a healthy and cohesive society?” she asked in conclusion.”

Moderate? As in support for Hamas and Hizbollah? Moderate as in support of the equally anti-semitic Canadian Arab Federation? As in having Mohamed Elmasry on the Islamic History Month Advisory Board? Moderate as in having a 911 Truther, an  unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land trial and an Imam who praises the racist Louis Farrakhan on the same board? Moderate as in the CIC’s endorsement of the Islamist “defamation of religion” UN resolution? Moderate as in the the CIC’s honouring of Islamist hate monger Zafar Bangash?

CIC Press release.