Lars Vilks V. Association Of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists? Profiles in Courage….

Profiles in courage…

Lars Vilks, Artist, Hero of the Free World. By Craig Snider

“Here I sit in the comfort of my living room this morning, surrounded by picture windows, taking time to write my thoughts about the last few days with Lars Vilks, Swedish artist who has no such luxury. Vilks has been condemned for a pencil drawing he drew of Mohammed depicted as a dog in traffic. An enterprising Jihadi can earn $100,000 for executing Vilks, and get $50,000 extra if a knife is used to do the job.

This week, federal agencies and local law enforcement assigned a small army to protect Vilks so it wouldn’t happen here. As Director of the Philadelphia offices of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, I invited Vilks to Philadelphia as part of a North American Tour to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Danish Cartoon controversy, sparked by political cartoon depiction of Mohammed with a ticking time bomb in his Turban. The FBI and Homeland Security deemed the risk so high, that I had no choice to pull the plug on the public event. “

Now contrast Lars Vilks  with “The Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists” From their Sept 23 convention

Barbara Hall, the one time mayor of the city of Toronto, and now Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Board joined us for lunch and addressed the gathering by acknowledging the value of editorial cartoonists in a free society, while reminding us of our boundaries, and the virtues of maintaining a court for complaints for those who feel victimized. Anthony Jenkins presented a short slide show of provocative editorial cartoons to which Ms. Hall made comments on.”

Frick’n cowards.

Lars Vilks, Mohammed Cartoonist, will be in Toronto Sunday, October 3, 2010, at 7:00 pm. Ticket information here.

At The Toronto Zionist Centre 788 Marlee Avenue, Toronto, M6B-3K1 (Marlee and Lawrence)
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