Imam Zijad Delic gets dumped from own event! rofl + Muslim Canadian Congress welcomes Minster Mackay’s decision to bar CIC Imam

Backseat Blogger comes out swingin…. I just googled Wahida Valiante, currently the CIC’s volunteer National President(and founding member of the organization). As the author of this piece of shit, The Slave Named Bilal, she is identifies herself as antisemite through and through.

..the Jewish idea of being “chosen” not only institutionalized racism, but also set a terrible precedent for human history in general, where racial superiority claims became the norm, the divisive standard by which all others, those not like us were to be judged and treated.

Bonus – Xanthippa gets naughty! Check out that Vid!

MCC welcomes Minster Mackay’s decision to bar CIC Imam

Press Release October 2, 2010

OTTAWA – The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) has strongly welcomed the decision by Minister Peter Mackay to bar an Imam from the Canadian Islamic Congress from speaking at an internal event at Department of National Defence headquarters Monday.

“In the past few years we have seen the so-called Islamic History Month turned into a propaganda machine for the Islamists in Canada who wanted to introduce Sharia Law and who wish to hide behind the cover of teaching history to infiltrate the highest levels of government in Ottawa,” said Salma Siddiqui, Vice President of the MCC.

“Muslims have much to be proud off in their heritage, but what the CIC has been doing is to spread the doctrine of Islamism wrapped in a sugar-coated view of the past that glosses over the facts that have led to today’s near universal morass and decay in Islamic societies worldwide,” added Siddiqui. “Islamic history should be taught by academics and historians, not clerics and propagandists,” she added.

Welcoming the decision by Defence Minister Peter Mackay, the MCC vice president said, “We now need to make sure that all future events surrounding the so-called Islamic History Month be taken away from the grip of the Canadian Islamic Congress and other Islamist organizations.” She said she was troubled by the fact that Islamists had managed to penetrate the highest levels of the Ottawa bureaucracy and the political apparatus of all political parties.

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The MCC does not exaggerate, we need an internal security investigation of those agencies responsible for granting the Canadian Islamic Congress access to our governments institutions.