Five Feet Of Fury Meets Badge No. 3478

This is pretty funny. Sadly it’s the missed photo-op of the day. I only caught the tail end of our conversation with Badge No. 3478, an arrogant boob too dim to understand that he serves the public and not the other way around.  Read 5Feet’s account for the details. This occured while we were filming the arrest of several “anarchists” on Bloor this afternoon, The officer crossed the street and demanded we stop filming and move along. We refused, he heard me turn on the camera and that’s when the fun began. Bear in mind this occurred at mid day on Bloor. The miscreants were cuffed and seated against a wall, about 30 police were in the immediate vicinity, no protest activity was occurring anywhere near this area. The biggest threat evident was from disgruntled Holt Renfrew shoppers.

Mark Steyn- Keystone Kanuck Kops More fun from the G20 summit:

“Having stood by watching as a mob trashed downtown businesses (and their own cruisers), the peculiarly insecure dweebs of the Toronto police are now threatening law-abiding passers-by (that would be Cop#3478) and beating up Guardian reporters

Trupeers in the comments:I don’t know what’s going on in Toronto, but here’s a hypothesis: when you force people in their day to day jobs to live some arbitrary PC code that grows out of moral and cultural relativism,when real trouble starts they have no centre and lose control and react hysterically.” and points us to this story;

“Steve Paikin, a prominent Toronto journalist said that he was escorted away by two police officers who saw his government-issued summit media credentials. He was advised that if he stayed he would be arrested.
As he was being taken away, Mr. Paikin said he saw another journalist, Jesse Rosenfeld, a contributor to the Guardian website, showing his identification to two police officers. At that point, according to Mr. Paikin, each of them took one of Mr. Rosenfeld’s arm as a third police officer, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, punched the reporter in the stomach. After Mr. Rosenfeld fell to the ground, the third officer jabbed an elbow into his back. Mr. Paikin said.”

Michael Coren: Passive Aggressive

“Frankly I don’t care at all if a few middle-class morons dressed in black who want to smash things and people get hit over the head by a cop or two. But it’s essential that peaceful protestors, passers-by and journalists are not treated like this.”

My city in ruins:

“Let me get this straight. The cops have been watching these people for a year, were gifted with draconian security powers by the province, and they still couldn’t do anything to stop them? At what point do reasonable people begin questioning the usefulness of the Toronto Police, the Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police? Given the ineptitude of all three, it’s a miracle that there hasn’t been a major terrorist attack on Toronto this weekend.”

Ghost of a Flea has a good set of video’s

G20: Post photographers spend night in detention centre

“Everyone in jail says they are innocent. But there were a lot of people who said they were picked up randomly. One guy, a computer engineer, said he was smoking a cigarette, taking a look at the security fence, when he was arrested by police. “How cool are you now,” the police told the man after they took him into custody.”