Giacomo Vigna Employs “Sous-vêtements Rouges Gambit” in Vigna v Levant Libel Trial

Legal experts are calling it the “Sous-vêtements Rouges Gambit”. Giacomo Vigna’s red underpants were exposed in court during the Vigna v Levant libel trial opening new vistas in legal strategy. Is this tactic truly revolutionary in nature? Will it reshape the Canadian legal landscape? Were they conservative Stanfields as befits the dignity of the court or something a little more daring? How will it impact the Judge’s decision? This development may affect the very underwear underpinnings of our of justice system.

These and other shocking revelations from the last day of Vigna v Levant:

First up Terrence Watson in the Western Standard: “I saw them, from the corner of my eye, as the plaintiff bent to gather his many, many boxes, full of useless screen shots, irrelevant transcripts, and (for all I knew) Ezra’s grade school report cards. And I saw a lot of them, his red underpants.”

Xanthippa for the defence: “…yes, he did pull his pants up a few times