Pride Toronto Turns into Gay Suicide Celebration

“It seems as thought the folks at Pride Toronto (there is care more about hating Jews than they do advancing the cause of gay dignity (or even survival!).

QuAIA Victory: A Post Mortem

“How surprising is it to see Pride parade officials fold like the flimsiest paper tent in the face of “progressive” rage about a ban on the big lie–“Israeli apartheid”–at this year’s event? About as surprising as it is seeing a plethora of nekkid folks with lots of tats, piercings and dangly bits at the festive gathering. In other words, no surprise at all.”

Plus: We’ll always have Toronto…

Pride reverses ban on phrase ‘Israeli apartheid’

Gay newspaper Xtra goes beserk…..

Absolutely not related to the Israeli Apartheid Crap – just fun is all from VG