Need someone to say nice things about the CHRC & Section 13?…Dial 1 800 Pearl;)

Pearl Eliadis, my favourite human rights huckster, has been one of the few, one of the very few in fact, willing to publicly defend the police state apparatus of the CHRC and Section 13 (1).  Believe it or not I’m kinda fond of  Pearl, it’s very difficult to hate an “enemy” as thick as she is and in fact I owe her thanks for having labeled my blog “poisonous”. Ezra and Steyn have eviscerated Pearl previously for all the right reasons.

However the next time Pearl the Clown offers up an op-ed or even a letter to the editor I hope the MSM looks carefully at her background and takes anything she has to say at less than face value. Seems our gal Pearl Eliadis has her teeth clenched tightly on the public tit courtesy of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. 

Here’s her latest payday courtesy of your tax dollars $42,000 Big Ones.