I’m thinkin Jennifer Lynch might be a whole lot happier in North Korea – They’d trust her more

Upperdate: I see Jennifer Lynch has conferred “stakeholder” status on the Canadian Islamic Congress. This is the same CIC that wrote the Turkish ambassador to offer condolences for the citizens who perished at the hands of the “despicable” Israelis…The Harper Government cut off relations with the CIC, describing the organization as anti-semitic. Just whose side is Lynch the Liar on?

Poor Jennifer Lynch is complaining again that we peasants don’t trust her STASI er… CHRC. Admittedly I include myself among the ungreatful unwashed.  It makes Jennifer Lynch very sad that no one trusts her with the Police State Powers embodied in Section 13 (1).

Jennifer Lynch is very sad that virtually every media outlet in the country has spoken against this evil law and the Kangaroo Kourt she ran to administer it. She’s sad that a parliamentary enquiry, a senate enquiry, and a private members bill were launched to either investigate or repeal section 13 (1). She’s sad that civil liberties associations have spoken against her vile playtoy. She’s sad that NGO’s as diverse as Gay’s and Catholics have spoken against this anti-democratic monstrosity. She’s sad that the very architects of human rights law in Canada, such as Alan Borovoy, are appalled at the threat to our democracy that Section 13 (1) has become. She’s sad that the Conservative Party voted to adopt the repeal of Section 13 (1) as policy at their last convention (Not that the coward Harper will act on this). She’s sad that she paid 40 G’s to a handpicked man only to be told – dump Section 13 (1). She’s sad that even the CHRT became fed up with the CHRC’s abuse of Section 13 (1). She’s sad contemplating the pending judicial review of the most despised law in Canada. Jennifer Lynch is sad that the public was made aware of the abuse of fundamental democratic rights that happened under her watch, an expose driven by bloggers and other citizens that forced its way into both the mainstream press and the halls of Government. 

Jennifer Lynch  is made most sad by those cumbersome, unweildy, often frustrating things called Freedom of Speech & Democracy, the blight of petty tyrants everywhere.

I’m thinkin it’s time you moved to friendlier pastures Jen. This whole democracy thing, well it’s just making you too sad. How about North Korea Jen? They might not trust you either sweety, but they’d sure appreciate your methods and your understanding of Free Speech.

Let’s see Jen, while the North Koreans might put a damper on some of your wilder fantasies I’m sure they’d happily indulge most of your agencies “best practices”. 

Best practices for the Canadian Human Rights Commission include a penchant for secret trials, the collection and witholding of information on private citizens, gross abuses of due process and natural law and the commission’s own stated rules of (stifle laughter here) “investigative procedure”. The North Koreans will appreciate a woman whose staff go undercover and sign up for Neo Nazi web sites, who refuse to answer questions under oath, who float doctored transcripts to the press, who engage in antics like evidence substitution etc etc etc…Yup Jen I’m sure the North Korean’s will admire the rigged system you oversaw to administer Section 13 (1). 

Happy trails.

Update: Send this to Jennifer Lynch: Caller on Glenn Beck show describes life under Communist Rule