Your WTF!!?!! Moment of the Day….

Rule: For a female servant/slave the whole of the stomach, back, both sides and from the navel to the knees is all aurat (parts that need covering).


Hehe;) You put the Left Foot in… You take the Left Foot out.. You do the Mullah Poopie and You shake it all about… Thanks Sanwin:)

When you go to perform urination or excretion then it is Mustahhab (desirable) to pray this Dua outside the toilet

“Bismillahi Allahumma inni A’oozoobika Minal Khuboothi Wal ‘Khabaa’iss”

Then first put your left foot inside the toilet room and when you get near the toilet then remove the clothing from the body but do not remove more than necessary. Then separate the feet and sit down and give weight to your left foot and sit quietly with your head lowered and relieve yourself. When you have relieved yourself, then men should shake their penis slowly from left to right, back and fourth so that all the drops of urine come out. Then you should clean it with a dhela (handful of soil or sand etc.) and then before standing fully upright pull up your clothing. Then step out of the toilet first with your right foot and when you have come outside the toilet, pray this Dua;

“Ghufranakal Hamdo Lillahil Lazi Ath’haba Anni Mayoo Thi’nee Wa Amsaka Alla Ma Yan’fa’ni”