Almost a good editorial by the Toronto Star on the Aqsa Parvez Honour Killing

The Stars editorial “A dishonourable killing” is almost good, by the Star’s standards at any rate, which isn’t saying much. However being the slaves to the libleft notions of multicult that they are I suppose it was mandatory to toss in this little nod to their constituency:

Experts differ on the question of whether Aqsa’s murder was, strictly speaking, an honour killing, where a family patriarch believes he has lost face in the eyes of local society because his female “charge” has dishonoured him.

Experts? What experts are the polititically correct zombies at the Star talking about? Islamist apologists like Mohamed “It’s the Zhoo’s” Elmasry & Shahina Siddiqui, president of the Islamic Social Services Association who labelled this tragedy a “teenager problem“?  Perhaps the Star is referring to the “expert opinion” of Zafar Bangash who wrote; “I suggest this poor girl was as much the victim of incessant propaganda that has made Islam and Muslims the enemy, as she was the victim of her father’s brutal assault.”

Someone needs to pass the word to the The Star; sometimes in life there is only one side to a story.

To their credit the editorial does end with the clear message that the barbaric cultural practice of honour killing will not be tolerated by Canadian society. I confess to a mild case of shocked disbelief that the Star  approvingly cites the Conservative governments latest citizenship handbook in doing so. That’s progress, for the Star certainly, now if only the message would sink in with the apologists and fellow travellers infesting the “Human Rights Cult” & the allegedly “pro-feminist left” we would really be getting somewhere.

Update: Compare and contrast the Star’s mealy mouthed piece to this Globe Editorial: For the killers of Aqsa Parvez, ‘culture’ is no defence  H/T VanGrungy

And this excellent column by Margaret Wente: The immigration debate we don’t want to have “Aqsa’s murder raises some extremely troubling questions about integration”

Reader JohnB points to this excellent interview with Aruna Papp which surprisingly is found on CBC Radio’s Matt Galloway show; “Canadians have become so scared of being called racist and so they’re scared of being politically incorrect even when they see something as heinous as this they’re afraid to call it what it is”