Canadian Muslim Brotherhood To Run Large Mosque In Downtown Montreal

“A Canadian blog has reported on the construction of a large mosque to be built in downtown Montreal to be managed by the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC). According to the software translated report:

(NB: Original report here: Richard Martineau est chroniqueur au Journal de Montréal)

As you know, a Muslim group formed among other Muslim student associations of McGill and Concordia plans to build a large mosque in downtown Montreal, in a building built by the Grey Nuns. On May 1, in a text that happened on this project, I was wondering what version of Islam will live at this address. A moderate Islam or political Islam? Well, I have my answer. And at the risk of being treated for paranoid by multiculturalists Magnan Magnan, this is not a very good news. As stated by my colleague Matthew Turbide before yesterday , the future Islamic Center (which will include a mosque, library, conference rooms and a Koranic school) will be managed by the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), a Muslim group based Ottawa. For those unaware, the MAC a cult dedicated to Hassan el-Banna , founder of the Muslim Brotherhood , an organization seen by many observers (including the site Internet Point Flip ) as the spearhead of Islamic fundamentalism Europe…The foundation behind the proposed mosque has raised 2.1 million dollars. Where does this money? No idea.

The MAC appears to be one of the only organizations in the world that acknowledges it ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. According to the MAC website….”