Fox News North Two Perspectives – Only 1 can be Right!

John Moore: Fox to ‘balance’ Canada’s right-wing media bias?

Moore’s piece is basically crap, the article is chock full of the usual liberal blathering, implied victimhood, blah blah blah, DTW (Downtown Toronto Worldview) is the only correct perspective…blah blah blah… ad nauseum. Somehow Moore thought it wise to inject AGW into the argument and he actually attempts to defend Imam Suzuki against Ezra’s assertion that he is a Glowball Worming  propagandist. Moore’s getting a well deserved hammering in the comments at the Post.

Ezra Levant with “Quebecor’s new TV channel as a Rorshach Test for the MSM” is much closer to the mark. I have to admit, I enjoy watching the Lib Left reaction to Fox El Norte, it smells like… Victory.