Jewish Defence League of Canada Open letter to Pride Toronto

Jewish Defence League of Canada Open letter to Pride Toronto

The Jewish Defence League of Canada has monitored the recent actions of a group that calls itself, “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid”. On Saturday June 5, this group protested together with another group, the “Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid” at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto. The spokesperson for both groups is a person called Jenny Peto. At the protest, Hezbollah flags, Hamas flags, anti Jewish signs and anti Jewish chants were observed. The Government of Canada has listed support for Hezbollah and Hamas as a criminal offence and has listed Hezbollah and Hamas as Terror Organizations. Protestors have publicly displayed the Hizballah flag on many occasions since the organization was listed under Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act. References are too numerous to cite; I offer the most recent instance by way of example. Many more examples can be provided upon request.

Support for Hamas and Hezbollah has nothing to do with Gay rights and freedoms. The issue is not free speech. Therefore, the Jewish Defence League of Canada will continue to monitor the actions of the group that calls itself “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid”

Thank you,

Meir Weinstein National Director Jewish Defence League of Canada

Not a word out of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid when the usual mid east suspects blocked a Queer NGO from receiving UN accredidation, what hypocrites.