Douchebags On Parade…..

First up: Lauren Booth,  – H/T SMW

I don’t care about Israel’s security

“Lauren Booth put in quite a performance at an Israel-bashing demo in London at the weekend. She described Mark Regev as “an Israeli killer Zionist” and said that if she hears his voice again she’s “going to vomit”. Thanks for sharing, Lauren.”

Next up: Hizb-e-Islami Afghanistan chief Gulbadin Hekmatyar , sent along by Terry Glavin currently in Afghanistan

Afghans can defeat Israel, liberate Palestine: Hekmatyar

“The world has witnessed another barbaric act of the US-backed Zionists against the besieged and unarmed Palestinians in the shape of Israeli attack on a flotilla laden with relief goods for the Palestinians in Gaza and killing of over 80 unarmed Palestinians and their sympathisers,” he said while talking to The News on telephone from an undisclosed location in Afghanistan.”

Final Douchebag On Parade is Tali Fahima who converted to Islam! Thanks Vardit!

“Far left activist Tali Fahima, who was the girlfriend of a terrorist long wanted by Israel, has converted to Islam, reports Tuesday said.

Related and not a douchebag Noah Pollak of the Middle East Quarterly writes:

“The model of hasbara, or public diplomacy, that Israel has employed for decades is premised on the persuasiveness of reason, evidence, context, truth, fairness, and apology. Anyone who has been following events in Israel over the past few years understands how profoundly this strategy has failed. For obvious historic reasons, many Jews have internalized the dangerous belief that the best way to respond to condemnation and lies is to show how unthreatening and willing to criticize and investigate themselves they are. The problem is that not only doesn’t this work; it actually invites further attack by rewarding those who defame and incite against the Jewish state.”