Updated: JDL “Gaza Fauxtilla” Counter Protest Video Toronto June 5

A good time was had by all. Thank God for their PR skills. For the 1st time at one of these events I witnessed the Police photographing the Pallies, prep for the G20 I assume. Updates below.

Frumpy has pics up from the event and ThinkingMan has pics of the Vancouver Fauxtilla Flotsam.


Interview with JDL Spokesman at Fauxtilla Counter protest

Note the lack of coverage given to the Counter Protest in these 3 articles, The National Post, Globe & Mail and BlogTO.  While the above Global News clip was taped I can find no evidence it actually aired on the newtwork locally or otherwise.

At least BlogTO published two excellent photo’s, the first shows a lovely Hezbollah Flag and the 2nd illustrates the complicity of “Palestine House” in the organization of these events, angles the MSM seems willfully blind to or perhaps they are simply too cowardly to cover them. Palestine House is an Islamofascist Front Organization funded by your tax dollars. The MSM is once again showing how woefully out of touch they are. Then again if you surrender the streets….