It Just Doesn’t Matter…..

Does it really matter Ed? Will the facts and your column make a difference and alter public opinion? The anti-Israel demonstrations will continue unabated as will the bias in segments of the media. The official Jewish Community spokes-organizations such as the CJC, and indeed it appears the community in general, have surrendered the streets to the “anti-zionists” the very place where public perceptions, right or wrong, are formed and driven with light speed velocity by the internet. The communitie’s “Officialdom” does not not condone, organize or otherwise support public protests, they continue to react as if a well populated Rolodex and access to the right paper’s op-ed section is all that is needed to counter unfavourable spin.

I’ve wondered about that absence from the frontlines, the absence from the street by all but a dogged few from the Jewish community. Perhaps this is the appropriate route to take from a strategic standpoint. I have heard it argued that “counter-protests” by the Jewish community would risk marginalizing and relegating the general public’s perception of the Arab-Israeli conflict to the status of just another annoying “ethnic brouhaha”. For this reason protests are “Bad Public Relations” I’ve been told. I can think of worse, and funny isn’t it, the protests seem to work fine for the other side or else there would be no need for your column Ed.

I suppose “Walking with Israel” and charitable donations to the UJA count as support – for Israel, they do nothing to alter public perception however, well certainly not my perception at any rate. Beyond the obvious, what is it you’re supporting exactly? What battle are you fighting? Is it the wider engagement? The one being fought here and now in Canada and elsewhere? Compartmentalizing incurs a cost.

In my opinion large segments of the Jewish community have backed down. The surrender is in process, it’s being done incrementally, it’s not an outright capitulation, not yet anyway. Many among them may not even be aware of it I suspect, preferring to sleep in their currently comfortable beds and trusting in the feel good multicultural nostrums of appeasement by others to reassure them all will end well. Never having to bother to get your hands dirty seems to be the default position.

Maybe counter protests are unproductive, even negative, maybe. Or is their absence the sign of a deeper malaise stemming from, oh I dunno… leadership or fear or resignation or…? Well, you tell me Ed.

Unintended though appropriate irony, reader Al the Fish points out:

“Oddly, the clip you selected features Harvey Atkin, who is the voice of the Leon’s furniture commercials, and the Israel Bonds commercials that run in Canada.”