Random Furballs for a Wednesday Morning…..

“The end of democratic socialism is at hand. The welfare states of the U.S. and Europe are financially out of control, spent and unsustainable. They have reached the point that Margaret Thatcher defined as the end of socialism: They have run out of other people’s money. These areas of the world are about to change dramatically.”

“What happens when “human rights” and political correctness are the order of the day? Policies (and police) lapse into incoherence.”
“It was a viscerally shocking experience that left me with a feeling no amount of intellectual study and understanding leaves, an experience of what it must have been like to be a Jew living under the most oppressively Jew-hating of modern states.”
As the countries of the Middle East gather their indignation to aid Turkey in its condemnation of Israel in refusing to accept a Turkish-based and -organized aid flotilla, a chorus of denunciations heedless of circumstances rises from the ranks of the European Union and other countries eager to add their condemnatory voices. Nine dead, mostly representative of violence-obsessed Turks plying their Islamist trade.

Bat Ye’or Tickets

Making Friends With the Muslim Brotherhood in Boston

Israeli Navy Soldier describes the violent mob aboard Mavi Marmara

The spirit of Hitler lives on, and the world is run by Neville Chamberlains

PC Policing in Toronto