Michael Coren on the Assault by Ali Mallah, Deranged CUPE Union Thug

Overall a fairly balanced show I’d say. Only John Turley-Ewart became a bit hysterical and unbalanced in his earnest effort to appear balanced.

To clarify matters for readers, the Police, about a half dozen of them, were standing around about 15-20 yards away from me to my left, the Mounted Riot Cops were stationed across the street at the Princess Gates. I was filming from a permitted area across the street from the anti-Netanyahu protestors at the time the incident took place. It was only after the incident that the Police elected to disallow all news camera’s etc from that specific site, ostensibly because the “Supervisor”, shown in the video, did not wish us to overhear him discussing “strategy”. The video records the first time Ali Mallah, a Vice President of the virulently anti-semitic Canadian Arab Federation, and I and have ever exchanged words of any kind. I have attended only two other events where Ali Mallah was also present prior to this, at neither event did we interact beyond my photographing him at a public demonstration on Bloor St.

Nothing “occured before” the clip. I had just set up and began a pan shot of the crowd. What you clearly hear in the video is Mallah approaching me and calling out “Ernie Ernie” out of vision to my right, those were the first words ever spoken to me by Mallah. I only became aware of his presence when the camera finally captured his crazed face on film.

A big Thank You To Mississauga Matt for providing the video.

Part 1

Part 2