Video Of Assault by CUPE Representative Ali Mallah To Be Featured On Michael Coren Show Tonight

Update: Coren show featuring the Assault by Ali Mallah

The video of the assault by Ali Mallah, the Canadian Union Of Public Employee’s Union representative (CUPE) at the Anti-Isael hate protest held yesterday will be featured on the Michael Coren show this evening. More by Michael Coren on the matter here. Original post here.

This is not Mallah’s first recorded instance of deranged anti-Israel hatred. In this video he attempts to intimidate the pro-Israel blogger Lumpy Grumpy & Frumpy. The hatred of Israel and its supporters by the left is not limited to Ali Mallah of course, the subject in this photo , one John Boone, is currently under investigation for assault on a pro-Israel blogger, unfortunately the laying of charges is actively discouraged by the Toronto Police as the blogger in question will testify. As in Caledonia the Thugs are now afforded protection in Ontario at the expense of law abiding citizens.