Why Palestine House Should Be Defunded

Your Tax Dollars at Work.

Mississauaga based Islamofascist Front organization “Palestine House“, the recipient of millions of your dollars, is one of the organizers behind an Anti-Benjamin Netanyahu Protest scheduled for May 30th to coincide with his appearance at the UJA sponsored “Walk With Israel” event.

Other organizers from among the cast of the Leftist Islamofascist Alliance include Ahmadinejad Cheerleader James Clark’s laughably named “Canadian Peace Alliance”.

Pictures speak louder than words, this is from the Pally House web site.

JDL Anti-Islamist Counter Protest May 30th

“It has come to the attention of the Jewish Defence League of Canada that Palestine House will lead an anti-Israel protest Sunday, May 30 during PM Benyamin Netanyahu’s visit to Toronto.

“Therefore the Jewish Defence League of Canada will lead a Counter Protest to call on the Canadian Government to remove their Federal Funding to Palestine House.
“For more information on the JDL counter protest call 416-736-7000 or visit us at JDL-Canada.com.”