Mohammed Elmasry – “Corporate Media a repeat Hate Speech Offender”

This is why hate speech laws like Section 13 (1) should be stricken from the books.

Elmo advocates for Hate Speech Laws to counter Islamophobia and ensure “religious equality”

Yea this would be same Elmo who called all Israeli’s over 18 “legitimate targets”

The same Elmo who when in charge of the Canadian Islamic Congress “honoured” the Islamist Filth known as Zafar Bangash for his “community service”.

The same Elmo who launched the biggest Lawfare Jihad against democracy that Canada has seen to date.

As usual the irony gene is found lacking:

The mantra that “the remedy for hate-speech is more and better speech” is both false and misleading because those who are expected to respond with “more and better speech” cannot do so, or if they do their words are often dismissed as lacking in credibility.”

Gee Elmo why is that?  Maybe because you and the CHRC lack credibility?

Related: “But can Farber argue with a straight face that an act of vandalism is a hate crime if it’s motivated by disapproval of non-Jews’ dating Jews but not if it’s motivated by disapproval of Jews’ dating non-Jews? “The shikse incident” makes hate-crime laws look absurd either way.”

French magazine acquitted of having defamed Tariq Ramadan