Random Furballs… for a Sunday Morning


“I remember a story a prominent American Catholic academic told when visiting Ottawa a year or two ago, about a breakfast he had with a Muslim scholar prior to their having a public debate. When the Catholic mentioned the Trinity, the Muslim’s fist suddenly banged on the table, and he insisted: “Please do not blaspheme in my presence.” So the Catholic tried another route, but then something about Jesus the Son of God crept into his attempt at polite dialog. Again the fist hit the table. “I asked you not to blaspheme in my presence.” When the Catholic said something else that hinted at Christian notions of the Godhead and Christ as Lord and Savior, the Muslim shot up from his chair. “Three times you have blasphemed in my presence,” and abruptly left the breakfast.”

Western Terrorism Central

“With the helpful connivance and joyful participation of Canada’s very own social and economic and political “activists” – disaffected and largely ignored by the larger stable, socially accepting community – the creeping legion of Islamist Western-society-destroyers have handily manoeuvred themselves into a entry position to launch their corrosive agenda.”

JDL Counter Protest May 30th

“It has come to the attention of the Jewish Defence League of Canada that Palestine House will lead an anti-Israel protest Sunday, May 30 during PM Benyamin Netanyahu’s visit to Toronto.

“Therefore the Jewish Defence League of Canada will lead a Counter Protest to call on the Canadian Government to remove their Federal Funding to Palestine House.
“For more information on the JDL counter protest call 416-736-7000 or visit us at JDL-Canada.com.”

“My opinions are morally valueless” says Dalai Lama

Protest the Ground Zero Mosque on June 6, 2010 — Say NO to Islamofascism!

John Stossel’s free speech special on Fox

The Lynch Mob

Bringing Teh Awesomeness: The Left’s Total and Utter Misogyny

Tundra Tabloids

Dora The Explorer Gang Raped after Crossing Illegally Into Mexico