Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Redux

While EDMD has to be counted a success I see it was too late to prevent the dhimmitude of the “Ass-ociation Of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists”.

“The Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists said that the cartoonist Norris should have really thought about the consequences of her actions before starting this whole debacle.

“She was trying to be controversial for the sake of being controversial,” said the association’s president Graeme MacKay.”

Gee what fortitude, now I see why I can’t think of any “Canadian Editorial Cartoonists” of note.

Here’s a late entry from a young lady who we hope will one day replace the deadwood among our “Brave Editorial Cartoonists”. Check out the fingerpainted Mohammed in the Vid too;)

Update: John Stossel on Everbody Draw Mohammed Day, plus more on his his interview with Ezra Levant

Uppierdate: An Abandon Facebook Day? I’d go along with this if it’s proven FB dropped the EDMD page, as of this writing I have yet to see that confirmed.

Uppitiestdate: False alarm? FB is claiming a “Technical Glitch” for the disappearance of the EDMD site. Right now I don’t know what’s up 9:19 pm EST