Apple Goes Dhimmi…this and more among Friday’s Random Furballs

Apple Goes Dhimmi

In what is sure to raise a ruckus, comedian / filmmaker / app developer Emery Emery recorded a phone call with an Apple App Store rep when his iSlam Muhammad app was pulled from the App Store after one day

Hockey makes you rape people, and other tales

“…you probably also haven’t paid much attention to the writings of Laura Robinson, a freelance journalist who claims she’s been studying the link between hockey and sexual assault for 18 years. Her views were aired in the May 13 issue of the Georgia Straight.”

Debating the Right to Discriminate

Michael Coren’s Unpardonable Sin!

‘The Shiksa Incident’

Let’s give away “Pope Condoms” and then watch and see how Christians riot

The End of an Era

Marci McDonald just makes stuff up

Cormac McCarthy on bigger problems than getting old

Commie Porn: The Passion Of The Ernie

The true nature of imposture fully display’d