Shiksa’s can never be Victims Says Canadian Jewish Congress….Pedophiles… well that’s different

Hypocrisy thy name is the Canadian Jewish Congress. The CJC is in a lather because the Toronto Police Services Board listed “non-jewish shikse” as a new category of victim group. Shiksa is a pejorative term for gentile women. We had fun with that in my earlier post.

I speculated that the CJC was up in arms over the emergent Shiksa Rights Movement simply because it was an embarassment to the Jewish Community and could in fact turn the CJC’s beloved hate crime laws against the community itself. This prospect must absolutely horrify the CJC given their status as Canada’s premier cheerleader for our ludicrous hate speech laws such as Section 13 (1). Now I know I’m right.

Today we learn that the Toronto Police Services Board have evidently also included “Pedophiles” as a new victim group in their latest report, which is not yet public, according to this article in the National Post.

“The letter also objects to the “police” category because police already enjoy special legal protection under the Criminal Code, and “Nazi” because political beliefs are not grounds for a hate crime. The letter does not mention feminists, teachers, infidels or pedophiles.”

So let me get this straight. The CJC complains about Shiksa’s but says nada about pedophiles being listed as a victim group in their “Shiksa complaint letter”?  Nope, No Sir, No Way, Not A Word, well I for one am glad to see the CJC has aired its priorities for public scrutiny. The CJC is right about “hate laws” being taken to absurd levels, but their objection to shiksa over pedophiles punts the CJC itself straight into self serving PC loonietoon’s land.

On behalf of my Oppressed Shiksa Sisters, go stuff it CJC Hypocrites.

To paraphrase Bernie Farber- A Shiksa Oppressor can never be a victim only a victimizer;)

Update1: Time to shut down the Canadian Jewish Congress – “Clear everying less important off Burny’s desk! This is the top priority! ” Shiksa!

Update2: Tiny Bubbles & Brains

Update3: Nazis & Pedophiles – Oh MY!

Update4: The CJC stands shoulder to shoulder with the Trannies but says it’s ok to hate your Shiksa Grannies?

Update5: From the Evil Shiksa Black Mamba A Devilish Plan…..

“This joke is in appalling taste, which is the main reason it’s (I think) funny; anyway the guy who told it to me was more-or-less Jewish, so that probably makes everything alright (bear with me):

Jewish child molester: Hey kid, wanna buy some candy?

‘Kay. Roman Polanski looks like he’ll be needing funds soon, so here’s what we do: BCF gets his paws on a quality tape-recorder, catches me on record telling Roman my hideously offensive joke; Polanski hauls me before the HRC on two counts, and I counter-sue over that nasty “shiksa” remark he’s bound to have made.

Depraved Hollywood weidos set up a fund to cover Roman’s expenses; the non-profit ShiksAppeal taxpayer-financed grievance group (I’m working on it) has me covered.

Roman and I divide the settlement; BCF gets a large kick-back for reporting it, buys Shaidle a nice sable; Ezra gets to enjoy himself demolishing his enemies, and at some point poor Burny’s head explodes.

Then I slip Roman a mickey and mail him to the cops in California in a large crate. Honestly, the guy really is a creep.

I’m just not seeing any downside here..”