Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Contest Officially Open Submissions Now Being Accepted! Fatwas and Crappy Prizes Galore!

Update: The Finalists are…Plus EDMD Theme Song!

Come one, Come all! Celebrate “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” May 20 2010

Have some fun and kick Radical Islam in the nuts at the same time. Send your entries to blazingcatfur@gmail.com. Contestants will not be publicly named if they so choose so don’t be no scaredy kitty and send em on in.

I, BCF, will accept any Fatwas personally on behalf of anonymous contest entries. There will be prizes, lots of crappy prizes, but remember the real honour is the instigation of your own personal Fatwa. What could be better than the sight of a horde of crazed Mohammedans rioting in honour of your work – maybe right outside your front door or… mine!

Winners will be announced and their entries posted on May 20th, we have already had some wonderful submissions so….get to it folks. Put those grade 9 art class skills to work for Freedom of Expression! We’ll do our best to preview some of the entries prior to the 20th.

Now I realize that not everyone is as gifted a classical artist as myself, but please don’t let my awesome talent inhibit you. Remember, the Angels appreciate enthusiasm more than talent….just do your best and have fun too;)

Here’s some inspirational reading and viewing to get those creative juices flowin!