If the Shiksa Fits….

Update: Shiksa vs. Pedophile

Bernie meet Petard…again

The Canadian Jewish Congress is once again hoist by their own politically correct petard. First Bernie went apoplectic over the inclusion of Nazis among the newly annointed victim groups designated by the Toronto Police Services Board. Well now the CJC has got bigger concerns and they’ve filed a complaint.

“non Jewish Shikse” has also been added by the board and the CJC is having none of it – well none that we have actual photo’s of…. yet.

From the CJC complaint:

“Finally, it should be observed that the term “shikse” is sometimes used as a pejorative. As such we believe it is inappropriate for inclusion in a report issued by the Toronto Police Service.”

Sometimes? Bernie it’s always used as a pejorative, and that’s why it’s in the report, and why the CJC wants it out, but you knew that, hypocrite; “Shiksa is the “N” word of the Jewish community. It is so often used jokingly that we can forget that it’s a vile, sexist, racist word.”

The CJC, in all its arrogant stupidity, has always believed they could manage the hate crime laws, after all they helped create them. Now that golem is out of control and they find themselves “neck deep in shiksa”. What’s the world coming to when the CJC can no longer use their favourite term for a gentile woman of “easy virtue” or otherwise unsavoury character? Take my advice Bernie, this is not a hill to die on, before you embark on yet another fool’s crusade ask yourself: What will the goyim say?

The tables are now turning and the politically correct speech codes so beloved by the CJC are proving to be a double edged sword that will increasingly be used against Jews. I wonder if Bernie and the boys will have a change of heart about censorship?  Not a chance, the CJC will carry on as the Pied Piper of Political Correctness leading the Jewish community to a modern day Masada of Multicultural Madness.

The CJC – keeping youthful dreams alive and ensuring the community has the right to know what you’re talkin about when that incompetent secretary comes up for discussion. Shiksophobia be damned!

Updates below:

One of Canada’s Premier Shiksa’s responds: Cops tell Bernie and friends to stop hating on me. Kinda. 

Hello Dali!

Bernie and friends stomping all over our shiksa “victim” rights

A reader comments: “I think the police need to add another term to their hate-list – Jewish Princess or JAP. Have you ever heard it used as a positive descriptor? I’m tired of hearing Jewish girls and women referred to as JAPS and the next time I hear it, I’m dialing 911.”

Film Of Hate Crime Against The Shikse Community!