The Bernie Mentality

Victim Mentality

“This is one of the most repellent aspects of Canada’s “human rights” regime: Its contempt for one of the most basic principles of justice – equality before the law. At the “human rights” tribunal, your roles as victim or victimizer come pre-assigned: By definition, a woman is a victim of a man; a gay is a victim of a Christian; a Jew is a victim of a Nazi. This is mostly for the purposes of prosecuting “offensive” speech. My traffic accident comparison was intended to point out the difference between real law and “human rights” law. But, as Ezra says, Bernie Farber’s moral compass has been so corroded by the whole ugly “human rights” racket he now apparently thinks that its affronts to justice should be extended to real crimes, including crimes of violence. If you get beaten up, all that counts is what identity group you belong to.
And, of course, he’s too dull-witted to think that fashions in victim groups might change – indeed, are already changing. As I put it two years ago:

It’s foolish to assume the abuses of the CHRC will always be confined to folks you dislike.

Look at Farber’s line again:

‘A Nazi can never be a victim but only a victimizer.’

Doesn’t that sound awfully like the reductive claptrap you hear on any old campus during Israeli Apartheid Week (Canada’s gift to the world – thank you, Bernie Farber)? When it comes to “Palestinian occupation”, “an Israeli can never be a victim but only a victimizer.” At the University of Calgary, a prolifer can never be a victim but only a victimizer. This is where the kind of thought-crime regime promoted by Farber’s CJC always leads.”

“In which I defend the Nazis, once again”

“What also surprises me is that there is no one from the CJC willing to at least contradict Bernie’s opinions. Surely there’s someone in that entire organization who gave a little thought to Bernie’s comments and thought ‘Wait a minute, there could be a problem here.” No? I get that Bernie is there to act as the CJC’s spokesman, but you would at least think that there are a few folks out there who have some input into the things that he has to say in that role.

Unless, of course, that brain-dead statement is the actual official position of the Canadian Jewish Congress.”

According to the Ceej

“Yeah, the Ceej is just sooooo “professional.” Its, er, clarification suggests it will continue to mislead Jewry with respect to this and other matters, including the distressing fact that we Jews can no longer depend on state censorship, the “human rights” racket or even the police to protect us from the bad guys

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