Only in Canada eh: “Maybe I was a little shocked when teaching a book about the Holocaust several students asked me “why do we have to learn so much about the Jews and the Holocaust?”

“…Maybe it made me sick to sit in staff meetings and listen to the union rep talk about how we had to support CUPE’s anti Israel actions.”

Note: Before you send me hate mail saying I hate teachers and that I am accusing them of turning students into terrorists, take a deep breath and count to 10. Then reread the above. Teachers (well none that I know) are not turning kids into terrorists – what SMW is saying is that kids are trying to teach themselves and when there is no filter on the material that they have access to, when they are being taught myth over historical fact, when unions that run the school system are anti-Israel and anti Western values, it paves the way for some scary results.”

Now read the article.