Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association

I just found out about this organization, the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association, you can follow them on twitter, & I note they have an event coming up on May 26th in Calgary.

How free is “free speech” in Alberta?

Speaker: Rick Bell, Calgary Sun columnist

May 26, 2010, 7 – 9:00 pm

Room 201, Kahanoff Centre,
1202 Centre St. S., Calgary

FREE event
Coffee and snacks provided
Come out and show your support for civil liberties in Alberta!

Coffee and Snacks? That’s good Marketing! So is FREE;)

I see one of the principals is a U of Calgary Prof. I also note membership in the RMCLA is a mere $20.00. As a membership drive incentive they should guarantee this guy will call fellow U of C Prof Darren Lund “A Pantywaisted Nancy Boy”. I’d sign up two or three times to see that get posted on Youtube.