Howard’s End….

“Some of you may have read my email sent to the President of University of Toronto where I tried to explain to him that his position on hosting the hatefest known as Israel Apartheid Week was incorrect. He did not reply to my email, nothwithstanding that I have two degrees from University of Toronto.

I am copying below both the email I sent to him, and an entry from my blog explaining why I felt it was necessary to take the extreme measure of returning my two degrees as a protest to the confusion of the University in being the first University to host an Israel Apartheid Week. I think that I made my reasons clear, and the most one can hope for these days, is some kind of reasoned response to indicate that the party has at least thought about the points you have made. That is the intellectual climate we hope for in a university.

So, dear readers, I now have a response from the University. Open the attachment above to see how a great university handles the return of degrees from a distinguished graduate. See how my return of the degrees has been taken seriously by the President.

And weep.”

Howard Rotberg (formerly B.A., LL.B, U of Toronto)

Weeping may now commence.