Robert Fulford: Remembering May Day

“On one level or another, through brainwashing propaganda and public self-delusion, the formula of terror, cheerfulness and ersatz affection worked. The style of May Day generated some good feeling, for a time at least. We all like to imagine that a kernel of goodness exists among those in authority.”

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May Day, May Day

“I considered it a great honor to celebrate May Day, which represents all things Marxist. My deep and exhaustive knowledge of Communism was limited to the movies, for instance, “The Motorcycle Diaries,” and “Reds.” Warren Beattie and Diane Keaton appeared so courageous and passionate in “Reds,” and the guy playing Che was hecka hot. Anyway, Hollywood wouldn’t mislead us, would they?

What can I say? I was an idiot.

Some people never got the news…
Some 1937 footage, including the Monster himself.