More on Canada Revenue’s Suspension of Suspected Terrorist Front “Charity” Irfan Canada

“Though IRFAN-Canada denies it, and though it launched a defamation lawsuit to clear its name, there have been allegations that the organization is a fundraising front for Hamas, including a 2004 report by the Israeli Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre (IITIC).More recently, according to an article in the internet-based Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report, in May 2007, IRFAN-Canada “was named by US prosecutors as part of the Global Hamas financing mechanism in the Holy Land terrorism financing trial.”

But that is all separate from the CRA’s decision to suspend charitable status, says Naseer Syed, a Toronto-based lawyer for IRFAN. “That is not the issue at hand.”

Though he may be right in the narrow legal sense, a 24-page letter from CRA to IRFAN lawyer Terrance Carter, dated April 6, 2010, makes several references to the government’s continued concerns about IRFAN alleged ties to terrorist groups.”

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A 12 million dollar lawfare action has been in the works by Irfan Canada for some time which likely explains the MSM’s silence on this matter.