Shocker! – Communist Party Supports Canadian Human Rights Commission!…this and more among Thurday’s Random Furballs

Commies Luv the CHRC! – Who Da Thunk It?

Ontario Human Rights Commission: No Dick? No Problem – Damn I look good in a field hockey skirt too;)

British Muslim Initiative Endorses George Galloway, In Upcomming UK Elections – Gee I wonder why?

Vancouver teacher says Catholic school won’t let her teach because she’s a lesbian

The Moment Gordon Brown Killed The Labour Party – HaHah!

27% Of Democrats Favor Censoring Speech – In Canada they’re called Liberals

Minnesota man gets hearing over charges of posting Islamic cartoons

Oh Oh! Remember folks keep your entries comin for “Draw Mohammed Day” Prizes, Death Threats and Fatwas are promised for the winners! Artist names will be kept private for those who wish. Winners announced May 20th.